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This is at least the second time Brazil lost the World Cup because of a similar set of reasons. First, Roberto Martinez and his team are very good,  the match would be close anyhow. They announced they would change their game plan the day before. Tite’s  technical team did not grasp it until it was 2×0.

Fernandinho, Paulinho and Marcelo had not played together in the previous game and failed miserably. The absence of Casemiro due to unfair yellow cards was a critical portion of the reasons why Brazil lost the World Cup. It fueled the early failure in the game. We had no replacements in the middle, probably because the list of players included useless Taison and Fred. Dunga had these mysterious reasons to call some obscure players.

A major reason Brazil lost the World Cup is Coutinho and Neymar were lame ducks due to yellow cards and referee bullying. The card given to Coutinho was unfair. The reactions of Neymar are excessive, but the way he is attacked is madness. It would have been stopped much earlier in case it was on Hazard, Kane, Ronaldo or Messi. And this imbroglio has not been provoked by Neymar, it is an old situation. The hunt for Neymar by men much bigger than him, with protection of referees, is plain for all to see.

The referees in the Belgium and Switzerland games crippled 3 key players psychologically and operationally with yellow cards. Very similar to the battles with Chile and Colombia in 2014, when Neymar became the first professional sportsman to have a spinal column broken by a colleague in a football match. Thiago Silva was suspended in 2014, just like Casemiro now. In Russia, Fellaini elbowed Neymar in the head and gave Coutinho a judo tackle. These were similar behaviors  to those employed by Sergio Ramos in the final of the Champion’s League, when he crippled Mohammed Salah and Loris Karius.

All this took place in Russia with a Serbian referee, who did not even see penalties in either aggression, much less reasons for yellow or red cards. Serbs are the most trusted Russian allies. The same Serbian referee that allowed Sergio Ramos to cripple his colleagues. The elimination of Brazil by Belgium was predicted by El Pais and The Guardian.

Tite says Courtois was “illuminated”. To a lesser degree than in 2014 Brazil, including Tite and Neymar, brought God into the game to an extent not seen in any other team, except, perhaps, some Islamic devotees. Tite mentioned that the only time when he lost faith in God was when he was in mental “disequilibrium” as a football player with serial knee injuries. Neymar and many others thank God at all critical moments. Neymar mentions God extensively in his Instagram post on 7th July 2018. In 2014 the team had pastors come preach to players in the hotel in days of competition.

The religious tendency is part of the Latin American environment. In Clinical Neurology we see that people really believe that with God’s help they may overcome anything, like mental retardation. Conversely, they tend to leave a lot in God’s hands. Tite never paid attention to Belgium’s strategic or tactical changes. He was incredibly anxious in all games, pacing up and down his territory by the field, talking to the players every few seconds, a micro-manager unlike any other major team chief coach.

Is that enough explanation?

Dr Paulo Bittencourt


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